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Important information about filing your income taxes this spring!

Beginning this year, your family is entitled to a new federal tax benefit!

It means MORE money in your pocket!


The Government of Canada promised that every penny raised in Saskatchewan from putting a price on pollution would be  returned to the people of Saskatchewan to help make life more affordable. That is what the Climate Action Incentive does. Promise made, promise kept!

A typical Saskatchewan Family of Four will get a Climate Action Incentive this year of $609. That will more than offset that family’s full cost of pollution pricing for all of 2019 – by at least $200.

In fact, the vast majority of Saskatchewan households (80%) will get more from their Climate Action Incentive than their costs. And it comes in advance, tax-free.

Your advantage will increase year-by-year. By 2022, the Climate Action Incentive for that average Saskatchewan family will amount to more than $1400 per year, and that will be about $500 MORE than their expected costs.

The sooner you file your Income Tax Return, the sooner you will get this substantial new federal benefit:

  • If you have taxes to pay, your Climate Action Incentive will directly reduce the tax bill you would otherwise have owing;
  • If you don’t owe any taxes, you will get your Climate Action Incentive in cash.

The amount is calculated according to the number of people in your household.

The Climate Action Incentive provides every Saskatchewan household with real cash, up-front and tax free, to take real action – to conserve energy and use it more efficiently, thus reducing greenhouse gases, combatting Climate Change and saving money.

More than 80% of Saskatchewan families will be better off!

That’s because we’ve listened carefully to the vast majority of Canadians who believe that Climate Change is both real and serious.

They want to combat the pollution that causes it, but they’re worried about costs. So our new pollution pricing system is deliberately designed to be affordable.

It provides a positive incentive, not a penalty. It’s more carrot than stick. The vast majority of Saskatchewanians will be money ahead.

Two key factors make this possible:

First, as leading conservative economists and business leaders have always said, putting a price on pollution is the most efficient and cost-effective way to reduce pollution. It avoids wasted effort and expense.

The principle is simple – if pollution is free, you will have too much of it. But if you put a price on it, pollution will decline gradually over time.

Secondly, every penny from pricing pollution in Saskatchewan is being returned to consumers and taxpayers in Saskatchewan. The Government of Canada keeps NONE of the revenue.

About 90% of that revenue will be paid directly to Saskatchewan households every year through the Climate Action Incentive. NOTE: There’s an extra top-up for everyone living in rural areas or communities smaller than Regina and Saskatoon in recognition of the extra distances they have to travel.

The other 10% of the revenue will be used to help support energy efficiency and savings in Saskatchewan’s small businesses, municipalities, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities.

To further partner with Saskatchewan on Climate Change, the Government of Canada is also supporting more renewable power sources in the province (wind, solar, geothermal), carbon-reducing technologies in business, industries and institutions (including carbon capture and storage), more climate-resilient infrastructure, better public transit systems, safer and smoother highways, and significant new water development projects.