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Remarks at the Enbridge Line 3 launch in Saskatchewan

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HON. RALPH GOODALE, PC, MP (REGINA-WASCANA) Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Canada ENBRIDGE LINE 3 – LAUNCH IN SASKATCHEWAN
White City, Saskatchewan
August 20th, 2018

Good afternoon everyone.

Minister Eyre, Municipal and Indigenous Leaders, Business and Property Owners, representatives of Enbridge, ladies and gentlemen:

As we gather on the Territory of Treaty #4 and in the homeland of the Metis, it’s a pleasure to bring you the greetings and good wishes of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Government of Canada.

The people gathered here from all orders of government and many different walks of life represent a remarkable consensus, and together we are celebrating a significant milestone – a major step forward – with construction now underway on the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project.

This is a huge undertaking.  Running from Hardisty, Alberta across all of Saskatchewan and a corner of Manitoba, into the United States – an aging pipeline is being replaced with a new, modern, safer line, built to the latest standards, improving the integrity and safety of our energy network and protecting the environment.

And in the process, this project will generate thousands of good jobs and a large volume of connected business activity to help drive economic growth.

This multi-billion-dollar private sector investment in vital energy transportation infrastructure adds to our capacity to move our resources in the safest possible way.  And compliments our growth plan for the Canadian economy.

At a time of global uncertainty, instead of austerity, we have been following a plan to help drive greater economic growth through:

  • targeted tax reductions for the middle class and small business;
  • increased spending power for families with children, students, seniors and low income workers; and
  • major investments in infrastructure, housing, science and innovation, higher education and skills, market access and trade.

And the results to date are encouraging.

Canada’s economic growth rate is now the best in the G7 – nearly double what it was on average over the previous decade.

More than 600,000 net new jobs have been better generated.

Unemployment is near an all-time record low.

Trade volumes are up.

Wage rates are improving.

And Canada’s debt-ratio is low.  It too is the best in the G7.  And it’s on track to keep dropping every year.

A big private sector project like Line 3 helps to move Canada forward.  It is clearly in federal jurisdiction and clearly in the national interest.

Based on hard evidence and sound science, it has cleared all the necessary regulatory scrutiny in both Canada and the United States.

It has demonstrated that economic prosperity and environmental protection go hand-in-hand.  It’s an example of developing, moving and marketing our abundant natural resources both sustainably and competitively.

It’s also an example of a good working partnership with Indigenous peoples, recognizing their inherent rights and building a future based on shared prosperity.

It’s very good to have Chief Peigan, Chief Taypotat and Metis President McCallum here this afternoon.  I understand Chief O’Watch was also anxious to attend (but is away today).

In addition to improving Indigenous access to economic development, job training and business opportunities, we have co-developed an Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee to oversee the safety of the new pipeline over its full life cycle.  That’s to ensure Indigenous people and local communities have an ongoing voice in protecting the land and water as genuine partners in resource development.

Building this pipeline will also assure investors that Canada is a country where ambitious and important things get done, when we work sensibly together.

Congratulations to Enbridge on this encouraging day.  Best of luck to you and all your partners.